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The Law Weekly was founded in 1914 by late Sri V. C. Seshachariar, a doyen of the Madras Bar. He was the Proprietor-Editor till his demise in 1936. Later after the demise of its founder, Sri V.C. Vasudevan son of Mr. V. C. Seshachari was in charge from 1937 till 1966. He started the other Journal called "Law Weekly (Criminal)" in 1966 which has been well received throughout our State, by practitioners in the Criminal Courts.

After his demise in 1966 the journals were run by his sons Mr V.C.Srikumar as the Editor from 1972 and Mr.V.C.Ramachandran as its Publisher.

We advanced one step further in the path of progress, by reason of the commencement in 1984 of a separate monthly journal for reporting judgements under the Writ Jurisdition, the Writ Law Reporter.

It is our duty to acknowledge the help and patronage we have received in this task of legal reporting from the Honourable Judges of the Madras High Court and all the members of the Bar in our State.

We are in our 104th year of service to the legal profession with our Web version available at

The Law Weekly also has a offline DVD version to access its content with regular online updates.

Mr. V. C. Srikumar our former Editor passed away in 2015 and Mr. V. C. Ramachandran our former publisher passed away in 2016. We recall with gratitude the services of both of them.

The journals are published by V.C. Janardhanan advocate, son of Mr. Ramachandran and nephew of Mr. Srikumar as its Editor.

Every step is being taken to continue the publications on the same lines on which we have been rendering service all these years to the legal profession in our State. We assure that we will continue the tradition with dedicated efforts to the legal profession.