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The Law Weekly started in 1914, in its 106th year of useful service to the legal profession consists of the following members in its Editorial Committee who have contributed substantially in maintaining its standard and in the task of legal reporting.

Mr. R.Krishnamoorthy, Senior Advocate and former Advocate General of Tamil Nadu is a leader of the Bar. He hails from the Cultural Capital of South India, the former Thanjavur District, now the Panneerselvam Tiruvarur District. He took the Postgraduate B.A. Honours degree from St. Joseph's College, Tiruchirapalli and the Bachelor of Law from Madras Law College, in 1952-54. He joined Sri K. Veeraswami, former Chief Justice of the Madras High Court as an apprentice in Law during 1954-55 while the latter was Assistant Government Pleader and got enrolled in August 1955. He was working with late K.S. Naidu - himself an emigrant from Nagapattinam, and the first elected Chairman of Tamil Nadu Bar Council. He joined the office of Mr. G. Ramanujam, (then Government Pleader), who became Judge of our High Court in 1969. He is a gentleman to the tip of his fingers whose genial nature has endeared him to one and all in the Bar. He served as Government Pleader in 1978-79. Quite naturally, he took to heading the Bar from the year 1980 till 1989, when the Government of Tamil Nadu made him Advocate General. His worth and ability came to be recognised by the Central Board of Direct Taxes, which briefed him and took him across the country to represent it in the High Courts of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, defending the validity of S. 44 AB of the Income Tax Act during 1983-84 after securing his services before our High Court also on the same problem in the Law. He was Chairman of the State Bar Council from 1984-85, till 1988. He was our Advocate General for a second term, again in 1994-96, and he is now an acknowledged leader of the Bar in our State, practising on all the Sides of the Court. He has been appearing in almost all the High Courts in our country, besides the Supreme Court. We are benefitted with his sage counsel and are sure the Law Weekly will be able to render fuller service to its readers-the cherished aims of our Founder.

Sri N.R.CHANDRAN, Senior Advocate and former Advoate General of the State of Tamil Nadu, is a much loved member of the Law Weekly and we feel honoured that he is a member of our Editorial Committee. He is a man with an excellet sense of humour which comes handy to him in tense situations at court. From the days of his father, Sri N. Ramaswamy, well known Advocate Pudukkottai, our journal has had their support. Sri NRC, as he is familiarly known, has represented the Government in various capacities, including Additional Solicitor General of India, and as Advocate General of our State. His tenure on the Bench as judicial Member of the Central Administrative Tribunal (C.A.T.) for about two years (1989-1991), was expected to take him to the highest Court of our country, but for the fact that he took the decision in the midstream to resign. Sri N.R. Chandran had his tutelage in late Sri K. Bhashyam's Office - he was apprenticed to late Mr. T.R. Srinivasan, and was enrolled on 10.12.1959. Sri Chandran soon joined the office of Sri V.P. Raman, a rising star on the firmament, and was with him till he moved over to New Delhi as an Additional Solicitor General. We know that whenever the authorities, his clients, found themselves in what may turn out to be a tricky situation for them, they would be anxious that Mr Chandran was before the Court to help them out. He was the Advocate General of our State from 2001-2006. He completed 50 years at the Bar recently and was honoured by the Madras Bar Association.

Mr. A.T.M.Sampath senior member of our Editorial team has been representing us at the Supreme Court for the last more than four decades in procuring judgements and where he has been having an extensive practice. His guidance and help to us has been immeasurable and we are grateful to have him.

Mr. V.Anand, son of Mr S.Venkatachari who was a leading Lawyer ay Vridachalam, is a member of the Law Weekly Publisher’s family. He hails from the famous town of Vridachalam, the abode of Lord Vridagirishwarar. He belongs to a family of Lawyers, himself being a third generation Lawyer. Grandfather R.Srinivasaraghavachari was an Advocate and active practitioner. Grand-father K.Gopalachari was an eminent Senior Advocate in the High court Madras. Mr Anand enrolled in 1992 and has been having an extensive practice in the Madras High Court on all branches of Law. Mr Anand is a voracious reader and lectures on different forums on many topics, especially in Philosophy, Vedanta, Astronomy and Astrology. He Practices in the Original and Appellate side of the Madras High Court.

Mr. K.Govindarajan our member and Reporter at the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court hails from the town of Kulithalai. He enrolled in 1994 and started his practice at Madras with Mr. S.Parthasarathy, Senior Advocate and later moved over to Madurai when the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court was inaugurated in 2004. He currently has a successful practice at Madurai with a battery of juniors and resides there. A man of friendly and helpful nature, he plays host to most of the lawyers going to Madurai. His contribution in procuring judgements with alacrity and speed for reporting in our journals is commendable.

Mr. V.C.Janardhanan Editor of the Law Weekly, Law Weekly (Criminal) and Writ Law Reporter is the great-grandson of the Founder and son of the publisher Mr V.C.Ramachandran and nephew of former Editor Mr Srikumar. He has varied interests one of them being mainly, travelling around the World. He is currently practicing at Chennai.